Shop Online on US Stores and Ship to East Africa

Pro Parcel providing shipping and forwarding services from USA & UK

Parcel Pro was created to allow Kenyans to access US stores and buy treasured items from these stores, it started with unique items such as books, watches, headphones, laptops and other accessories. Then through referrals many customers discovered the value add since they could get genuine products at a much cheaper cost than what they get from local stores. Over time even companies started ordering essential items which they could not find in the market locally or the cost was much higher than the item sourced from overseas.

This simple idea flourished, and quickly grew into a pioneering East African company that opened U.S. retail channels to many East African shoppers.

For more than 2 years, consumers in East Africa have trusted Parcel Pro to provide a simple and reliable way to shop online. We deliver a streamlined and cost effective shipping process; we have partnered with the leading courier services in the world in case of urgent deliveries. We ship from the US and through our local partners and international partners transfer to Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania and even Southern Sudan.

We love making it easy for you to shop U.S. Stores

Only Parcel Pro has the resources, expertise, customer dedication and global experience to make shopping and shipping from the US consistently fast and affordable.