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Parcel Pro was created to allow Kenyans to access US stores and buy treasured items from these stores, it started with unique items such as books, watches, headphones, laptops and other accessories. Then through referrals many customers discovered the value add since they could get genuine products at a much cheaper cost and even better quality than what they get from local stores. Over time even companies started ordering essential items which they could not find in the market locally or the cost was much higher than the item sourced from overseas. 

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Exchange Rate  113.761

Shipping Cost  KES 12

Total Product Cost  KES 000000.00

Expected Time in Kenya  2021-09-25

Helping East African shoppers buy and ship what they love from the US and UK shops

“Now you don’t need to wait until someone is travelling abroad to get that watch that you have always dreamed of”

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Pro Parcel stands as the best shipping company from the USA to Kenya and makes the mobility of your goods easy. We provide reliable services no matter where you need to drop your parcel off in Kenya. Our shipping services are not just fast but secure too. Whether you want to ship books from the USA to Kenya or it is something precious, we are here to help. You can easily send your parcel from the USA to Kenya without going tedious formalities.

Pro Parcel is a one-stop solution for all your cargo needs. Now, choose and make shipping to Kenya from the USA easy.



Once you are a registered member you can use our address to send your parcels to our address

Step 1

Send us a URL link of the items you want to purchase

Step 2

We will give you a quote of the shipping cost and or insurance if you choose to have the goods insured

Step 3

Once you approve the quote, make a payment via method of your choice.

Step 4

we will buy the item on your behalf and inform you once the items have arrived in Nairobi.

  • Save up to 50% on Laptops when you buy directly from the US
  • John Paul
    Now you don’t need to wait until someone is travelling to get that watch that you have always dreamed of
    John Paul

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